How to Post Pictures on Team Camaro


************Please let me know if you find errors in this document or have more information I could add to it to help folks better.  Thanks!!



I.                   The best way to post pictures is to become a member of the TC site.  Membership has benefits and supports our site sponsor!

With your membership you get many other benefits besides online storage space to upload your pictures to and the ability to link them into posts.


II.                Alternatively, you can set up an account with one of the many photo hosting companies out on the web and “hotlink” those pictures to your post.  Some image hosting sites, like geocities, do not allow hotlinks to their page.  Here are a few that do.  Some of these are free for limited space or you can pay a fee for more space.  Others are pay only.  








III.             Once you have the images hosted somewhere, either on the TC site or one of the other image hosting sites, all you do is open the picture up in your browser, and copy/paste the link into your post.  That will provide a link to the image.


IV.             If you want to post the actual picture instead of just a link into the post, you will need to surround the link (wrap) with the [IMG] [/IMG] tags.  Example:




V.                Be sure to reduce the size of your pictures before you upload them to your image host.  The larger the dimensions of the image, the larger the file size will be in general.  An image taken on my camera at 2080x1020 is almost a full megabyte in size (~1,000 kilobytes).  If you resize the image to 800x600, it can drop it down to around 100 kilobytes or less; roughly a 10th of the original size.  Not only does this make the image small enough where people viewing the image won’t have to scroll the window sideways to view the entire picture, but it also conserves space on your hosting site allowing for more pictures to be uploaded before reaching your limit.


VI.             Here is a popular program I use to reduce image sizes, there are others but I like this one and it’s free:

Programs like Adobe Photoshop can do the same if you like and already have.